ACEC-CA San Diego Chapter

Publications and Forms

ACEC-SD - Publications and FormsACEC California’s Statute Books, Publications, and Forms are now available for order at discounted rates for ACEC members.  ACEC California produces eight books, which can be purchased as a set or individually.

To order, please visit the ACEC California Online Store or download the ACEC California Publication Order Form.  Fill out the form and fax it to 916-441-6312 or send it to 1303 J Street, Suite 450, Sacramento, CA 95814.  For all ordering questions, contact Beckie Liu (ACEC California) at 916-441-7991.

ACEC California Publications:

Full set of eight California Statute Books

  • Professional Engineers Act, Professional Land Surveyor’s Act, Geologists and Geophysicists Act, State Board Rules
  • Subdivision Map Act & Index
  • California Environmental Quality Act & CEQA Guidelines
  • Planning and Zoning Law
  • Land Use Laws—Environmental Permit Reform Act, Endangered Species Act (CA) and Coastal Act
  • Water and Environmental Law – 2014 Water Bond, Water Quality, Underground Storage Tank, Urban Water Management Planning, Underground Storage and Groundwater Management Laws,
  • Rules of the Dept. of Water Resources
  • Procurement & Liability Laws – Laws Impacting Engineering and Surveying—Public-Private Partnerships, Liability, Design-Build and Additional Laws
  • Prevailing Wage Laws
  • Complete Agreement Form Set (electronic)
  • Form A.E—Client/Consultant (electronic)
  • Form A.1.E—Client/Consultant (electronic)
  • Form B.E—Standard Provisions (electronic)
  • Form C.E—Consultant/Subconsultant (electronic)
  • Written Contract Waiver Forms (electronic)
  • Mechanics’ Preliminary Lien Notice (electronic)
  • California Design Professional Lien (electronic)
  • ACEC CA Salary, Benefits & Business Practices Survey (CD)
  • 2008 Drainage Law Syllabus
  • 2007 Subdivision Map Act Syllabus